More Than You Think

CarrIOTA can be used to manage your single wallet, a complete household or an entire business with thousands of users and IoT entities!

It can be run as a stand-alone app on your computer or a web-app on your home server, a single-board computer (SBC) in your safe or a cloud service accessible from anywhere through a virtual private network.


Run anywhere: PC, SBC or a corporate server. Adaptable to your needs.


Local, global or VPN access to your manager. You decide how to get in.


No entity has direct access to the wallets or even to your IP address.

Not just a wallet

CarrIOTA can be used as one-user-one-wallet. But it offers much more under the hood! You can add a variety of users and entities (be it your family, employers, businesses or appliances) with different access rights to your wallets.

A complete API

Running a permanent CarrIOTA node allows you to execute periodic standing orders or serve direct debit requests using a simple API run on top of the IOTA tangle.

Additional plug-ins will allow to manage IoT-specific functions directly from your manager. Turn off the light at home. Authorize home server resources for mining purposes. Request car milage information. Change your Netflix subscription plan. And more!

Total control of your finances

A planned reporting feature opens a door to powerful financial insights for total transparency.

Additional future exchange service will make it easy to load IOTAs or withdraw funds from your wallets using your bank or PayPal account.


Open source, open hardware

CarrIOTA runs on a Python server as a web-application packed into a stand-alone Electron app or in your favorite browser. The standalone version will support Mac, Windows and Linux. The server version will require an Ubuntu Server.

Our main aim is to make use of small single-board-computers (SBC) such as Raspberry Pi (and ternary chip SBCs once available) that you can setup at home and access from wherever you like. Free SD-card images will be provided. Plug it into your SBC and start using!

Every last bit of code will be released under GPLv3 license for full transparency.

We will be publishing more information about the features and technology on our blog in the upcoming weeks.

The team

The bulk of the work is currently done by a small software development and consultancy company located in Leipzig, Germany.

Semko Software Development

SemkoDev team has been developing web and mobile software solutions since 2010. Its clients are renowned names from media, financial and logistics sectors. Not so long ago SemkoDev switched its focus to real-world appliations of the blockchain technology. CarrIOTA is one of the open-source projects that is being actively developed.

Want to help out?

As enough progress is achieved, the project will be published on GitHub. Everyone is welcome to contribute! Connect with us to stay updated!

Creative work


Please understand that this is a creative process that needs time and resources. We are working hard to make it as fast as possible within our current limits.

The next step is releasing a public prototype and publishing the source at GitHub. We expect this to happen within the next 3-4 months. Once this milestone is achieved, we will move on to SBC release, exchange integration and VPN/hosting service.

Feel free to connect with us to stay updated!

Helping Out

This project is privately financed

The team mostly consisting of freelance developers is working at no cost to reinvent the management tools for a new financial era. We welcome any help we can get to push forward as fast as we can. Here's how you can help:


Have a blog social account? Share this project! Social pressure is a good motivator for our developers. :)


Are you a python/javascript developer and are up for the challenge? Wait for the project to be published and join the action!


Are you a graphic designer? We will need UX professionals for the interface and marketing purposes!


Are you a reporter? Contact us and spread the word! More coverage = more valuable feedback!


Once the first prototypes are published we will love to hear your improvement ideas! Feedback is extremely important!


Feel free to toss a dime! IOTA address:


Connect to stay updated

Follow us on social networks or drop a line however you want: